A Little Something launches its first Holiday Wish List program in South Berwick Maine

It's hard to imagine this will be our third holiday shopping season, and even harder to reason it's almost November. We've been getting the store ready inside and out! Some of the changes you may have already seen just driving by.

As we've already begun wrapping gifts with ribbons and bows and watching as people cross names off their lists we are determined to breathe life into our very own, Holiday Wish List program at A Little Something.

So without further adieu, "ANNOUNCING A Little Something's Holiday Wish List Program.

Here's Cathie to demonstrate how it works:


Hello! Everyone that knows me, knows that I love my home, I love Christmas, but most of all I love plaid! Jen asked me to pick three things for my "wishlist" and as I walked around the store I had a hard time narrowing down my choices but then as it happens with most people when shopping at A Little Something, just the right things popped out at me.


Cathie chose the home sign made locally by Quirky Goat Woodworks, Recycled, soy, hand poured candle from an artisan in the midwest, and a balsam hand appliqued pillow by Ann MacEachern in Acton, ME.


"I love the stories behind each of the pieces made and even more so  learning the story of who is going to receive the gift and where it is going to end up. - Kara 

We currently have over 140 local Artists, Artisans, and Authors as well as hundreds of other folks from all over the world who continue to create as individuals or are working from small cottage industries. It is our goal to continue to support people we can form relationships with and strike up conversations about their families, kids, and the town they are from. It's what we are all about.


 Kyle and I are so very thankful for all of the support you have shown us since we've opened A Little Something in June of 2017, we want to make sure that you get everything on your "wishlist".  We also want to give back to you with our A Little Something Dollars...you may remember them from the end of last year.

For every $10 you spend from now to December 31st, you get 1 point.

1 point = $1 to be redeemed in the year 2020!

We'll be marking your receipts with your points, so make sure you keep them somewhere safe!


Happy Holidays Everyone from the team at A Little Something in South Berwick.






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  • I adore the book collection: local authors, local themes. My wish is that all my local friends discover their own Little Something wish here too!

    Alice Lee Timmins

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