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A Little Something, South Berwick, Maine is proud to feature  local artists, authors, and artisans. It's their unique creativity and personalities that make A Little Something so very special and a magical location for gift giving. South Berwick, Maine is fortunate to have so much talent living and creating close by. A Little Something is the best destination for finding just the right present for those you care about.




Brenda Hess-McAskill

Brenda Hess-McAskill

Roots Pottery - Eliot, Maine 

Brenda throws and fires functional stoneware pottery and decorative forms of pit fired and horse hair pottery. 

Pit Fired pottery begins by gathering and drying several items such as fruit peels, seaweed, nut shells/pits, coffee hulls/grinds and hardwood. Copper carbonate, cobalt oxide, salt, copper pieces and more are also used in the fire. The pots are made on a potter’s wheel, burnished and several coats of terra sigillata are applied. Once the pots are dried they are then bisque fired in a kiln. The pots are then placed in a pit and the pots are covered with all of the dried items and a huge stack of wood. The fire burns for several hours and then the pit is covered for 24 hours. Once cooled, the pieces are then rinsed and hand waxed with beeswax. Each pot has its own individual design made by the organic reaction in the fire.

Horse Hair Pottery

Horse hair pots are made for owners to honor their horse. The horse hairs are burned into a burnished pot that has been coated with terra sigillata. The hairs create black lines on the pot as each pot creates its own design. Each piece of pottery is naturally unique and takes shape organically. Brenda trusts the process and allows the pot to become its own individual. 

Brenda’s love of nature, animals and universal energy are a big part of who she is. In addition to being a Potter, she is an equestrian, Reiki Master and a dog lover. She began working with clay as a child. She dug up natural clay from riverbeds in Pennsylvania near her childhood home. She took pottery classes in high school where she began throwing on the wheel. Classes and seminars taken from professional potters continued in college and beyond to continue to grow as a lifetime learner.

Brenda hopes that  you enjoy your one of a kind pot as much as she enjoys having them take shape and unveil their patterns. Brenda feels that “Handmade pottery has a special energy and feel, connecting us to one another with art”.


Please join us to view Brenda's work as well as other local artists, authors, and artisans at A Little Something, 11 Paul Street, South Berwick, Maine.