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South Berwick - A Little Something

Chain of Cranes - Affirmation Chains for Adults & Children

Chain of Cranes - Affirmation Chains for Adults & Children

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Each Affirmation Chain is made up of 10 folded origami cranes. Each crane has been folded by Michael Stone personally. Parts of the profits generated by the sale of Affirmation Cranes both online and in stores goes to Caring Unlimited in Kittery, Maine to help dilute the ill effect of domestic abuse.

The Chains arrive already assembled and colors and patterns may vary slightly. Chains have been seen hanging in offices, classrooms, windows, and even on chandeliers. What a wonderful way to affirm an individual's worth and place in this chaotic world of ours.

For a much larger selection of Chains and Individually boxed Affirmation Cranes please visit A Little Something at 11 Paul Street in South Berwick, Maine.

On a side note...

I've become a collector of crane's to mark goals reached in my life. It makes me smile to see them hanging from my chandelier in my dining room!

Jennifer Ellen Parker

Shopkeeper at A Little Something and Writer at Just Love on Substack.

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