Collection: Chains of Cranes - Michael Stone

The Chains of Cranes Project began after helping a friend get out of a difficult living situation and discovering that many friends and colleagues had experiences supporting their friends and relatives who had been in domestic violent relationships. Folding peace cranes offered me a chance to be in the moment, spending time in peace, mindful of how fortunate I have been in my own personal relationships.

I believe that everyone should be surrounded by love and kindness and feel safe at home.

My “for-profit” project, by donating a portion of proceeds to Caring Unlimited, hopes to support their important work.

I hope your purchase of a Chain of Cranes provides you or your loved ones with a sense of peace and hope.

Michael Stone - creator of Chains of Cranes

For a greater selection of chains of cranes and affirmation cranes visit A Little Something on 11 Paul Street, South Berwick, Maine.