Tiny Art by Jillelaine

Tiny Art by Jillelaine

In a tiny house, in a tiny town, lives a magical artist who creates tiny works of whimsy delight. Jillelaine is one of the most brilliant, passionate, human beings that I've met. She brings a brightness to her pieces that challenges you not to smile as you take in her joyous images of flowers, suns, woodland creatures, and far away places we all dream of being.

She has become known for her nesting dolls of all sizes. Each doll is its own work of original art, each truly a piece that no one else will ever have. She brings her style to wooden puzzles, tiny blocks of wood, and wearable art via necklaces and pendants. Jillelaine's creations including her etched mason jars and coffee cups infuse your day with something a little bit more than the norm.

A Little Something is delighted to carry a full array of her offerings and loves to share her story with new admirers as well as those who have known her for years.

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