Proddy - Hooky - Proggie -  Clootie  - AKA Rug Mats

Proddy - Hooky - Proggie - Clootie - AKA Rug Mats

When I was little I used to sit on the braided rugs throughout our home and read books, play barbies, legos, or pour through the Encyclopedia Britannica. My mom had put them together from pieces of worn clothing, too far gone to wear, too good to throw away. I got so I knew just about every section of the rug and could recite which garment it once was. My favorite pieces were those cut from my father's navy whites. He had been in service before I was even a thought, before any of us were. We saw images of him sailing around the world and discovering magical ports like Greece where the slide projector placed the ancient wonders on the screen in our darkened living room. When I was older I remember my sister having "rag rugs" throughout her apartment and every now and then we would create woven pot holders from a loom she would pull out. These rugs, potholders have a special place in my heart, repurposed from the fabrics of our world to be used in a way to make our lives more liveable.

Rag Rug - waiting for You at A Little Something

A Little Something is turning six next month. It's hard to believe that the years have slipped through my fingers, leaving me with my longest running business since my very first lemonade stand in Spofford, NH where I was even more hidden from the traffic of a main street. I happened upon a closeout opportunity of these beautiful rag rugs a few weeks ago. I imagined them at a kitchen sink, in front of a door to keep the draft at bay, on a screened porch to catch summer sand from the beach, and on cool bathroom floors when the nights become chilly in Maine. They reminded me of my childhood, tracing my fingers on the strands of fabric woven together, ends sewn to a new color, and creating a wonderful trail to follow along with toy cars. 

Some of you may know me as impulsive, I'd have to agree! I recently purchased a large lot of "rag rugs" also known as a proddy, hooky, proggie, and clootie  rugs and have decided that they would be our giveaway for our loyalty customers to celebrate the store being six years young. I can't thank you enough for continuing to show up to support our local artists, authors, and makers. Not to mention when you keep showing up as you have over the years, my door stays open for all of your gift giving needs. We have nearly 1000 loyal customers signed up with our rewards program at no cost, delivering  lots of fun goodies and benefits to them each month. It's helped us to spread the word organically about events, promotions, and new artists. When you tell your friends, they tell their friends, and so on and so on like the old Prell Shampoo television commercial that used to play when most of us were little. Thank you for supporting A Little Something whether with your purchases, likes and shares on social media, singing our praises in public, or remembering we are just around the corner from Main street. 

I invite you to join our rewards group!

Simply"Text ALS to 578-277 to receive ongoing offers from our rewards program!" Your first gift will be one of these beautiful rag rugs to brighten up your cottage, home, cabin, or office!

Thank you again! Cheers to being in business for six years with a little shop around the corner in South Berwick, Maine!


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