Oh, Chickadee!  -  a sweet addition to our children books now available at 11 Paul Street!

Oh, Chickadee! - a sweet addition to our children books now available at 11 Paul Street!

A wonderful story of insight & delight - Oh, Chickadee!


Oh what a wonderful way to introduce little minds to the cycle of life and the beauty and splendor it brings forth in Maine and beyond. I am thrilled to have Oh Chickadee! as a part of our children's books offering at A Little Something in South Berwick, Maine.

It's brilliant and warm art perfectly illustrates the pages and covers creating a mesmerizing learning story for young minds of all ages. A thoughtful glossary and how to guide at the back of the book expands its offerings and allows for the reader and listeners to carry on with their discovery of chickadees in both knowledge and experience.

This is a beautiful picture written in lovely prose. It's pages are inviting and careful to not overburden with too many strange words and facts, just enough for each to reach a little bit higher and come away knowing a little bit more than before they read the book. 

Oh Chickadee! is just one of the many books  about Maine in the McSea Books family. Look for this title and many others at our location on 11 Paul Street in South Berwick, Maine.

Oh Chickadee! by Jennifer Richard Jacobson & Illustrated by Jamie Hogan

Excerpt from the back of the book:

Its curiousity, friendliness, bravery, and acrobatic antics have long made the black capped chickadee a favorite of bird watchers of all ages. Oh, Chickadee presents a year in te life of a chickadee, answering such questions as, Where do they nest? How do they protect themselves from predators? and How do they survive the frigid winter? This informative book, written by award-winning author Jennifer Richard Jacobson and illustrated in vibrant chalk pastel and charcoal pencil by celebrated illustrator Jamie Hogan, brings the more hidden world of these endearing birds into view.

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