Purchasing Aimèe Timmins postcard to submit to The Lost Kitchen reservation sweepstakes!

Do you have any postcards? Aimèe Timmins & The Lost Kitchen

I could hear the little boy's voice before he even entered the store. The weather is taking a turn for the better and I decided to leave the door open this morning when I got to the store. He immediately found the long handled shovels for kids and as him mom followed I could tell she was on a mission of sorts. She asked if we had any postcards by local artists and I happily showed her the card rack for Alice and Aimèe Timmins, twin sisters, who are both artists living and creating in South Berwick, Maine. I had watched an episode of The Lost Kitchen on my day off yesterday so I jokingly asked her if it was time to mail in postcards to hopefully garner a reservation for the upcoming season in Freedom, Maine.

Her eyes got wide. She excitedly shared yes and that she had recently just stopped there and was able to visit with Erin and her husband. They have a market open to the public with beautiful wares for sale by local artisans. I found irony in that she was now at A Little Something in South Berwick purchasing a postcard to mail for her entry.  My mind leapt ahead to submitting my own postcards. I imagined our names getting drawn and enjoying one of the decadent multi course farm to table dinners at the beautiful mill. I told her that I would include her and her husband in our guest count because she had reminded me that I wanted to send in a postcard to get a chance at a reservation. 

I could tell she was having a beautiful day with her son. Her little boy was very proud of the shovel he had discovered and thankful for his mom when she said that he could get it to help plant this spring. I was wowed when he shared that he was four years old and ready to work in the garden. His twinkling eyes matched the bright green blade of the shovel. He then pointed up towards the front of the store to show us the striped dinosaurs that sat atop of the cubbies. His mom reminded him of the one he had gotten for Christmas, they had won it during our 25 gifts of Christmas! The whole scene made my heart happy, all of the little dots connecting to build such a sweet picture of living and growing up in a small town in Maine. 

It's the little things that add up in life and make it all worthwhile!

Hope to see you soon,


Wednesday - Thursday 11:00/6:00pm & Sundays 11:00/4:00pm

A Little Something - 11 Paul Street - South Berwick, Maine


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