When an artist follows their passion...

When Dee Burdick first came to the store over a year ago, we were delighted by her pottery. She brought mugs, votives, dishes, bowls, ornaments, figurines, earrings, necklaces, and so many more items. My mom just happened to be in the store that afternoon and decided that we were going to say YES to Dee's pottery. Since the summer of 2017 Dee has become our number one selling local artist breaking records each month and surpassing our wildest expectations. Not only did her pieces continue to be one of our best selling categories, Dee also seemed to be sending in a resounding number of new people to A Little Something each and every month. We couldn't believe our good fortune that she decided to be in A Little Something. 

So....imagine the look on our faces shortly after Christmas when we learned that this super star pottery artist had made the decision to follow her passion instead of continuing to spin clay on her wheel. There was a moment of pause but then sheer joy. Dee has been talking about painting since I met her and when she does, her eyes light up and there is a sheer joy that enters the conversation.

Yesterday afternoon Dee brought in her first new paintings to A Little Something. As we hung them we smiled and giggled a bit. Some may think it takes courage to veer off from something that is incredibly successful. Dee and I know that when you follow your passion, your joy, and your love, true magic begins to occur. It's the sweet spot in life so many of us continue to search for and I'm so thankful that she is willing to continue to share her journey with us.

For those of you wondering where are you going to get your best coffee mugs now, no worries and don't you fret! Kara, Cathie, and I have been scouring the artist market up and down the seacoast to add new pieces. And don't forget we already showcase the fabulous talents of Shauna Horsley and Sheila Orifice Rogers, two very locally talented artists.

For those of you who love Dee Burdick as much as we do, come in and spend some time with her paintings. They are a breath of fresh air. She will also be exhibiting during the month of May on our big back wall. We still have a fair number of her pottery pieces in the store for sale, but we're sure they won't last long. 

Let's raise our glasses to the fabulous Dee Burdick for having the courage and conviction to know when to say when, and the desire to leap in the direction of joy, creativity, and passion! 


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  • hi Dee—-I saw your work in A little Something Friday and have just googled you so I have seen your work—so lovely—paintings and pottery—I saw the pottery only at the store. I would love to talk to you about being a visiting artist for a month at the art co op Just Us Chickens— I could give your the scoop in a short conversation. 603 686 9782 jane

    jane ansaldo church

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