In Store for You

  • August - September Spotlight / Linda Andrews

    Linda has been a faithful supporter of A Little Something in South Berwick, Maine since we first opened in 2017. Imagine our delight when a customer came into the shop during Strawberry Festival to show us a mini piece they had just purchased from Linda. She asked if we would please carry a selection of Linda's art so that she would easily be able to purchase it in the future.

    "YES!", we replied.

  • POp uP PEnny Sale! A House for Me!

    So….a penny for your thoughts. A penny for one of my beloved bars of soap at A Little Something in South Berwick, Maine when you support A House for Me by purchasing a bag of their gourmet coffee beans and roast is now happening today through Friday, July 8th through Sunday, July 10th.

    A Little Something - 11 Paul Street, South Berwick, Maine 

  • Decompression Zone

    Are you looking for a quick escape, a respite from technology, or just the world in general? We just spent a day rearranging the store to create a decompression zone. Come and stay awhile. You will be excited to be surprised and delighted at the many works of art by local artists and from beyond.