In Store for You

  • "I want the kids to have something they can give to their mom or dad." Ralph Hyson, local artisan.

    "..When we share a story about a local artist, author, or artisan more times than not we focus on what they create. We place a bright spotlight on their art, their writing, or pieces they have crafted in towns nearby. The seacoast seems to be a treasure trove of multi talented individuals and we are fortunate to have an up close view of a lot of amazing work done in this part of the world. I was trying to pick a topic for this month's feature, flipping through photos, walking through the store nothing seemed to jump out at me, and then Ralph Hyson walked through the door and I smiled. The Universe never seems to miss a cue and in an instant "aha moment" I knew that it was Ralph's story that we needed to share."