POp uP PEnny Sale! A House for Me!

What happens when you happen on a few very special people that you instantly know will impact your life for a very long time? What happens when your eyes are opened to a world that you may have known existed but never really intersected with in the past? This year has been a series of wide sweeping changes and I have done my best to embrace them all, whether they felt good or just down right “icky”. I’ve met a lot of new people, traveled to new places, and let go a lot of ideas I had about my future and what it would look like. What I didn’t expect to find around almost every turn was love in many shapes, sizes, and colors. One of my favorite new loves is a House for Me in Kittery, Maine. It’s not just the ideology behind the non profit but the three lovely human beings who currently live there. I guess you could even say I have adopted them.


Dana, Kayla, and Nicole have become my tribe. They are the woman I feel most comfortable with and enjoy our impromptu dinner dates and get togethers. I usually find my best advice and guidance during our time spent with one another and never leave feeling anything other than love. A House for Me was established to foster independence for adults with intellectual disabilities. It provides a safe, nurturing home way from home, a space for lessons to be learned, independence to be gained, and friends to be made. A House for Me extends beyond its four walls and into the surrounding local communities to remind us all, “where this is a will, there is a way.” The house stands as a beacon to shed light on the fact that we are each deserving of certain inalienable rights and when we remember that we become a greater society in whole


I’ve been wanting to do more for A House for Me. I feel as though they have given me more in the short time I have come to know them and I somehow want to pay it forward. We’ve been selling their private labeled coffee at A Little Something and it’s been doing great. People have embraced purchasing ground or whole beans in their four available flavors. I’ve been drinking their coffee at home and at the store and love it! One morning in the shower I had an idea of how I could support them in a greater way and raise awareness for all that they have accomplished and are currently doing. My best ideas always come in the shower. The idea of “POp uP PEnny Sales” came to fruition. They will take place on random weekends, Friday through Saturday, when customers support a local non-profit like A House for Me by purchasing their items, they receive another item in the store for only a penny. This weekend that item is any bar of luxury soap valued at over $6.00 for just one single penny!


Sometimes my crazy ideas born in the shower catch on like wildfire, sometimes they never seem to pan out. Somehow I know that taking small steps towards spreading awareness about such a great thing is a “win, win”. There’s always a way to do more, a way to be better. I’m always pleasantly surprised when I come across humans making way for others and not only providing space for them to simply be but also adding to their life experiences in a beneficial way. Some people like to think of kindness and good will as a limited supply, a supply that has even by quantified as 10% at times. I’d like to believe that kindness and good will are limitless and it’s only our imaginations that determine what can or cannot be done to help raise the level for all ships to sail. Who knows? Maybe if we all just take a minute to wonder, we will all find a way to spread a little bit more light and love.

So….a penny for your thoughts. A penny for one of my beloved bars of soap at A Little Something in South Berwick, Maine when you support A House for Me by purchasing a bag of their gourmet coffee beans and roast is now happening today through Friday, July 8th through Sunday, July 10th.

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