Oh the people that you meet... we can't wait for you to meet Jim & Sébastien of Wayward Chickadee!

In our cozy little store, in our dynamic small town, I smiled to myself this morning as I found myself talking with grandparents visiting from Alaska, a local soap maker and his beautiful daughter who recently moved to Berwick from Geneva, and a local artist hanging new prints with her beautiful niece visiting from Baltimore.
This is A Little Something and the magic that seems to happen just about every day in our two year old store. It's highly likely that when shopping you will bump into either an author, artist, or artisan. Just like today, the kind woman and her husband visiting their grandchildren were able to not only meet the maker of their soap purchase but exchange life stories, connect on a personal level, and learn first hand about the product they were buying to bring back.  This is what community does best, supports one another, builds connections through face to face encounters, and teaches each of us how very small our magnificent world is if we simply allow ourselves to be open.
Jim, Sébastien, and Abigaël of Wayward Chickadee are one of the hundreds of reasons I continue to support local commerce and believe in owning a small retail shoppe on a side street, one must look for in order to find. It's their incredibly heartfelt journey they've taken across an ocean to serendipitously settle in the Berwicks, creating a home and small business. They've brought with them an expansive knowledge in the cosmetic industry, a global experience of working abroad, and a love larger than life for their daughter.  I'm thankful for that a small thread of their story has now been woven into mine and I'm excited for it to be a part of yours.
Their soaps and balms are of the highest quality, made from safe natural ingredients meant to soothe the soul and cleanse the body without harsh chemicals or substances that are abrasive or damaging to our skin. Their products mirror their own personal integrity and we are incredibly proud and thankful to be a purveyor of Wayward Chickadee from Berwick, ME. Come in and check them out for yourself, you'll be had at the very first smell.  
"The adventure starts one spring day while cleaning up the yard after a long Maine winter. It wouldn’t be spring in Maine without black flies - those tiny, flying critters that go straight for your face, quickly turning a moment of pleasure into a nightmare! This being our first spring here, we were sure we would find some sort of repellent we could buy. Well, we were wrong! The only thing we could find was mosquito and “bug” spray, all containing DEET and other harmful chemicals that did little against these mini monsters. After a lot of trial and error, we came up with a totally natural balm using a mixture of essential oils that black flies hate. We slathered it on and the result amazed us – it was so nice to be able to spend time outside without getting bit (or smelling like a chemical factory). Black flies only last a few weeks and then the blood suckers come out in full force. We applied the same concept, changing the essential oils and voila, no more worrying about mosquitoes and ticks! 

A few family barbecues later everyone was using our balms. After whipping up a few batches for family and friends, and then friends of friends, people started asking where they could buy it. That’s when we created our online shop. We wanted to create simple products that were totally natural and respected the environment. But what do we call it? Wayward Chickadee! Get to know us and the name makes sense. Before settling in Maine we lived and travelled all over the world and Wayward just sort of fit – a little adventurous, off the beaten path. The Chickadee, emblematic of our adopted State of Maine, ready to fly." Jim & Sébastien

We look forward to having you visit A Little Something in South Berwick, ME! We currently support over 140 local artists, authors, and artisans.  Our current artist of the month is Alice Lee Timmins. She will be exhibiting through the month of July. More information coming soon about her art, exhibit, and reception.


  • What a lovely story!

  • Jen, I love you to pieces and can not express how happy it makes my heart that you continue to connect people there, at 12 Paul Street. There is magic in that spot. The sense of connection and community that occurs within that 1000 square foot building is unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed. Keep up the great work. Sprinkle your happy dust and continue to SHINE!

    JoAnn Beaudette

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