Etchings by Francios Lamonthe

We are proud to be carrying etchings by Francois Lamothe on reclaimed vintage piano keys.

Since 2019, Francois has been learning by doing the art of scrimshaw. Scrimshaw is the American folk art most often associated with whalers of the late 18th and early 19th century. On long journeys and using common materials such as walrus teeth and whalebone, these seafaring artists would etch design using sailmaker needles and lamp black to enhance the etchings.

"My humble attempts so far have used vintage pre-1900 piano keys, sailmaker needles and acrylic links. A friend of mine recycles old upright pianos for their wood. He uses these for his woodworking projects and recycles the cast iron harp of the piano. Usually gets them for free so he prevents them from going to the landfill."

Francois Lamothe

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