Do you know what you need? YES! - A Kick in the Glass Beads

It's funny how life works sometimes. People come in and out of your life like the ebb and flow of the ocean. As life changes, so do the people in it. We first met Donna and Faith, two sisters who have created and are building A Kick in the Glass Beads during the fall of 2017.  Imagine our surprise when we realized we had first met them ten years earlier at a craft show at the York ballfields.

As part of the 9 Women holiday art show in North Berwick, Maine, they have developed an incredible following of customers and appreciators. And why wouldn't they? These two sisters are talented and incredible human beings. They never tire of creating new intricate designs or pieces of jewelry to incorporate them.

Donna creating a glass bead in her studio

Their beads and jewelry quickly became a sought after gift item in our store, A Little Something and remain so.

Their price points are affordable and their designs remind many of the beaches and rocky shores. The handcrafted beads are fashioned into earrings, necklaces, bracelets, key rings, and bookmarks and are a perfect gift for individuals who love the ocean and wear jewelry. It happens to be icing on the cake that their pieces are made in the next town over from us in Maine.

We are proud to spotlight A Kick in the Glass Beads and hope you have the opportunity to come in and get to know their extraordinary work a little bit better.


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